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Quick scan Burnout symptoms

Using this Quick Scan you can easily determine to what extent you know signs and symptoms of a (starting) Burnout recognize in yourself or people in your area.

Fill behind every question an appropriate score of 1 to 4 and count after all scores together on:

1. not applicable
2. sometimes applicable
3. regularly applicable
4. all applicable

  1. Do you think of yourself that you regularly upset or irritated? _____ 
  2. Do you feel that your work performing sloppy and mechanically is? _____ 
  3. Do you find activities that you have always enjoyed not more interesting? _____
  4. You experience distance to relationships that were once important to you? _____
  5. Do you communicate less with those that are valuable in your life? _____
  6. Do you feel overloaded or have you promised too much in terms of time and energy? _____
  7. Are you tired of everything, are you feeling mentally and physically exhausted? _____
  8. Do you find that there is no time for relaxation? _____
  9. Do you have lost your sense of perspective, you see unexpected events as a setback? _____
  10. Have you more often or more suffer from physical symptoms, such as headache, nausea, cold or fatigue? _____
  11. Got a hostile or cynical attitude towards others? _____
  12. You Use unrealistic behavioral or performance standards for yourself? _____
  13. Do you feel depressed or sad regularly? _____
  14. Do you work harder and get less? _____
  15. Resenting to go to work in de morning?  _____ 
  16. Do you try everything (work and home ) to do as well as possible? _____
  17. Is your day filled with dissatisfaction and frustration? ____
  18. Do you feel that you are being compensated enough for the work you have done? ? _____
  19. It's hard to laugh at yourself? ? _____
  20. Do you feel that you often ' forgetful' are than usual? _____


For the score, have a look at:

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