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- Do you wish to have a continuously growing passive income?
- Do you wish to be financially independent?
- Do you feel that you cannot sell? 
- Do you wish to be successful?
- Don’t you like the “agenthood” and the mass events?


If your answer is yes to most of the above questions, SunMoney is going to be your partner!

- No obligatory continuously investments
- No direct marketing 
- No concrete products
- Steady income from the first month
- Legal international background
- Work from home
- Free education

If you do not feel successful with selling in personal meetings or you would also like to use the possibilities in the online connection-making simply, then SunMoneyOnline is right for you.

SunMoney wishes to sell energy utilization service to the members, in the frame of which it sells solar panels. 
SunMoney re-borrows the solar panels acquired by the members and the solar panels are built into already operating power plants.
SunMoney sells the energy produced by the solar panels, so ensures the solar panels income to the members from their built-in. 
SunMoney distributes certain part of the income from the sale of the solar energy under the members.

Besides the rent, SunMoney rewards the network-building partners and it ensures real passive revenues to them. 

By joining SunMoney:
- you can be free and independent
- you can gain passive revenue
- you control your success
- you do for your environment, with supporting renewable energies. 

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